HOWL - Team


The HOWL team consists of two sets of individuals. The target users of the HOWL logger implementation provide the requirements that have driven the project. This group includes the JOTM developers, the Apache Geronimo developers, and the ActiveMQ developers. The second group of individuals contributing to the HOWL project are the actual developers.


Michael GirouxArchitect and lead developer.
Jeremy Boynes Submitted a prototype for a trace package. Although the trace package is not currently include in the HOWL distribution, it will serve as a good proof of concept if we attempt to add trace support in the future.
David Jencks Conducted a very thourough code review of the HOWL logger classes.
Supplied a patch with several suggestions for improved synchronization.
Contributed build files for use with Apache Maven.
Hiram Chirino Contributed an initial prototype for the HOWL logger.
Integrated HOWL into the ActiveMQ project.

The HOWL forge details the current list of developers.

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