HOWL - Download


HOWL Releases

Released versions of HOWL can be downloaded from the ObjectWeb Forge.

HOWL CVS Repository

The HOWL project source files can be downloaded from the CVS Repository.


HOWL contains multiple modules. The howl/logger module contains the actual implementation of the HOWL logger. Other modules were committed during the initial stages of the project to serve as prototypes and to illustrate desired functionality.

Developers who wish to integrate the HOWL logger into their project only need to download the howl/logger module. Developers interested is reviewing the ideas that were presented during the initial requirements and design discussions can review the prototype modules.

Module List

howl The entire HOWL project including all sub-modules can be downloaded by requesting the howl module.
howl/logger: Code base for the HOWL logger implementation.
howl/journal-sm1: Code base for the first HOWL journal prototype.
howl/trace-sm1: Code base for a prototype HOWL trace facility.

HOWL CVS Snapshot

The entire collection of HOWL sub-projects can be download as a single file using the latest CVS snapshot.

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